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Wifi Cheat Sheet – Your Ultimate Starting Guide!

We know what a wifi connection is right? It is our bridge that connects us to the rest of the world. Wifi is mainly used for connecting and communicating with others, while also enabling businesses to run smoothly.

Whether you need wifi for business, or just for your household, the society we live in today is so fast paced that without the correct equipment, and latest updates, your wifi won’t be providing you with the best service.

When looking for an office networking company, you will need to know some basic information in order to ensure that you select the best broadband connection for you. Here is some basic knowledge on wifi to help you out:

Line of Sight

A key part of information you need to know about a wifi connection is the line of sight. The line of sight means that there is no opaque object between the antenna and the hotspot. If there is, the waves won’t be able to reach the other end of the line.

A good example is to think of waves coming from a speaker. If there are lots of objects creating disturbance such as trees, buildings, and mountains, then the waves will not be able to reach you. The same is the case with the wifi signals. The more resistance there is in the way, the lesser and weaker your wifi signals will be.


The second most important thing that you need to know about wifi signals and their strength, is their power. The power that we mostly get is limited by the prospects of using an FCC. Many might perceive using an FCC as a limiting factor but on the bright side of things, this one is actually a good thing.

The use of an FCC helps to reduce the overall noise of the router system. This then helps to ensure that the signals are not getting knocked out on the way.

The power dynamics for good wifi, help to ensure that the USB adaptor or access point is able to listen to the signal. The more easily the wifi signal is able to listen to it, the greater its ability to transmit that. Therefore, the more powerful your router is, the more effective the signals can be transmitted to the access point or any other desired area of your house.


There is no doubt that power and line of sight are important factors. However, there is one other factor that is quite underrated in the grand scheme of things, and that is elevation. Elevation plays a key role in the whole scenario and determines the strength of the signal. It is the measurement of the actual usable data which is getting transferred to the other end of the signal.

It is commonly perceived that a wifi signal is just the receiving and sending of a signal, but the reality is a bit more different than all of this. The wifi signal actually spreads up, down, left, and right.

Overall, this means it is important to do a complete analysis of where you need to place your router so that you have access to an unhinged wifi signal. Therefore, the next time you hire an office wifi solution, make sure you talk them through these things to ensure you’re getting the best product.

A Key Tip!

Another thing that you need to keep in mind in this journey is how many devices you are connecting to the router. This is because the number of attached devices, will effect and determine the antenna, radios, cables, and the money that you need to invest in the wifi kit.

The Bottom Line

From schools to offices, Wifi is a basic need in today’s society. Using the information provided above, you should be able to understand the ins and outs when looking for a networking cabling company that is going to provide you with the best wifi installer.

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