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Things you need to know to keep your home Wifi safe!

Wifi keeps us connected to everything that is happening around us. It is the source of all sorts of information. Having stable and secure Wifi is the main desire in todays society. From paying your credit card bills to chatting with your friends or family members, Wi-Fi is behind all of this.

Keep in mind that wifi comes with a lot of security measures, to prevent online data theft and other sorts of issues. Rather than risking anything bad happening through your network, it is best to get in touch with home network installers near you, in order to understand how to keep your home wifi safe and secure.

Here are some tips that may be helpful:

Change the default name

First things first, you have to change the name, credentials, or SSID also known as the service set identifier of your house network. This is because most of the time, the manufacturers that produce the wifi routers will only have one default SSID, and it is likely to be the name of the company. This is why it is easy for a hacker to hack into the main name and then withdraw the data.

Ensure that you choose a customized name for your router and home wifi.

Pay attention to the password

Another thing that is mostly installed is the password. Most of the time, manufacturers produce wireless routers with a default setting just like the name. Therefore having a password that is strong, secure, long, and complicated is necessary for extra security. You should incorporate different sorts of symbols and characters inside your home wifi password to make it secure.

Network encryption is necessary

Having encryption in the wifi router is a must feature. Most of the time home network installers provide wireless routers with an encryption setting. This feature is there to secure your network from any outside entry. As soon as the network provider has installed your broadband, you should turn this feature on immediately. The most recent, effective, and secure network encryption, is WPA2.

Ensure network name broadcasting is off

Another key thing that you need to know in order to ensure that no one is messing with your internet connection, is ensuring that your network name broadcasting is off. This will ensure your network can’t be seen by anyone else, and is off limits to those who are trying to intrude.

This is a great tip not only for your home wifi but also for the other places below:

  •       Businesses
  •       Libraries
  •       Hotels
  •       Restaurants

Keep the software updated

To prevent hackers entering your network, a great tip is to keep the software up-to-date so it isn’t as vulnerable. Keep tabs on the available updates and upgrade for your home router’s network frequently.

The bottom line

We do hope that the above-provided steps are helpful for you. Make sure to keep these in mind the next time you are out there searching for the best home network installers.

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