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Point to Point Internet Installation

Point-to-point internet installation is an expert’s choice if a remote location, such as a residential garden or an office cabin, requires establishing a network but lies far away from the router. Depending on the situation, the wireless network distance for PTP wireless might range from 100 feet to 15 miles.

To create point-to-point WiFi solutions, you need a professional technician with broad experience who provides a certified WiFi setup that covers 100% of your area. If you want to complete WiFi installation for indoor and outdoor usage, WiFi Genius is your go-to choice. We have expert solutions 24/7 for WiFi point-to-point installations across the UK. Call us today for affordable and premium PTP internet installations near you.

Benefits of PTP WiFi Installation by Expert Technicians

Our professional technicians specialise in successful WiFi point-to-point installations using the latest equipment and have extensive experience offering various benefits for PTP WiFi Installation, including:

  • Extending Network Over Long Distances: Point to point WiFi installation gives specialised WiFi network solution over long distances without cables.
  • Fast Internet without Delay: Enjoy a complete WiFi installation network with super fast internet without delay.
  • Minimal Hardware: Only endpoints are required, reducing the need for extensive installations. However, alternative options are available for those who prefer not to mount devices on external walls.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security: WiFi Genius offers security services to enhance connection privacy and protect transmitted information, ensuring only network-connected users can access it.
  • High-Speed WiFi Over Long Distances: Our high-speed WiFi connections are suitable for various applications, including residential or commercial event networks, offering reliable and consistent connections over extended ranges.

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Our Procedure of Point to Point WiFi Solutions

With expert methods and equipment, our installers provide authorised installation of PTP wireless internet configurations.

  1. The network or internet connection is established as needed at Location 1.
  2. The internet modem, PC, or server is connected to a regular wireless router, which connects you to the internet, network, and computer at Location 1.
  3. At Location 1, the point to point (PTP) device is connected to the wireless router.
  4. Location 2 is where the second PTP receiver is installed.
  5. At Location 2, a second regular wireless router is connected to the PTP receiver.
  6. Computers and other devices at Location 2 receive the internet or network connection.

Configure the router to ensure each location receives half of the bandwidth for internet service sharing.

Point to Point Internet Installation
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WiFi Genius for WiFi Point to Point Services UK

WiFi Genius offers various features to ensure a reliable and high-performing network.

  • Experienced and skilled technicians to ensure seamless WiFi connections.
  • 24/7 customer support for assistance with complete WiFi solutions.
  • Network monitoring ensuring a stable and secure wireless internet connection.
  • Specialists available 24 hours to maintain network integrity for optimal performance.
  • Experts swiftly and efficiently providing network repair services according to your requirements.
  • Technical support and quick accessibility to troubleshooting services.
  • Licenced crew providing the best services in point to point internet installation at cost-friendly range across the UK.
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Contact WiFi Genius for expert WiFi point to point solutions across the UK. Our company has certified technicians to ensure seamless installations covering long distances, offering fast and secure connections. Call today for affordable rates and reliable services with our expert methods and crew.


PTP WiFi solutions are designed to create networks when running cables between locations is neither feasible nor secure. Additionally, PTP offers wireless internet outdoor at the same speed as it does indoors.

Point-to-point (PTP) connections are incredibly safe; they may require very little data encryption when in use. Call us for PTP internet installations that are entirely safe from hackers and cyberattacks.

PTP connections with high internet bandwidth and speed can reach up to 100 Mbps or 10 Gbps; however, wireless point-to-point performance also depends on the separation between antennas. Contact our business for expert point to point internet installation at a reasonable price.

Yes, we offer fibre optic cable that connects every residence or commercial place in a point-to-point (PTP) directly to the service provider’s central office. It ensures that every user is connected to the network exclusively, offering a high degree of dependability and secure wireless network services.