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Data Network Cabinet Installation

The use of network cables, switches, modems, routers, UPSs, network patch panels, fiber optics internet equipment, and Fan trays are common in businesses whether small or big. To house and organize the network devices and equipment in a physical cabinet which is usually wall or floor-mounted known as a data network cabinet is used. Network cabinets are important for homes as well as for businesses to organize and store network devices with full protection.

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How does Wifi Genius Install data cabinets?

Installing a data network cabinet with professional installers is quite risky and tough. However, the qualified and experienced installers of Wifi Genius perform the job in an excellent way. They do the job of wifi cabinet, home network cabinet as well as data network cabinet Installation in the following steps.

Necessary assessments and planning

Wifi Genius installers visit the company or home and do the necessary survey of the buildings and find the best locations for the network cabinet installations. They do a meeting with owners and discuss the following issues for further process. Cabinet capacity Quality of the cabinet Storing accessories in the cabinet Cabinet’s security type, size, and shape of the data cabinet Durability of the cabinet Costs of the cabinets After the assessment, our experts finalize the cabinet for the project and start to set a work plan for its installations.

Installation process

After making planning and assessment the installers take to tool bags that include, screwdrivers, markers, scales, nuts, washers, etc. Then adjust the data cabinet in the position selected before in a survey and try to install a cabinet with an empty shelf that can be used for further accessories. Check the installed cabinet for ventilation so that to prevent the devices from getting hot. Organize all the cables and devices and tie them. They make sure that all the devices are installed and work properly. After checking all the devices and cabinets the installers sign approval letters and leave the place in a happy mood.

Features of data network cabinets

Network cabinets come in various sizes and shapes. For example, 12U, 32U, 42U, 48U and 24U are common in use. Data cabinets are made of materials like metals, plastic, and glass. There are many shelves in each data cabinet, designed to use for routes, switches, etc. In modern data cabinets, the cooling and managing system is there to make them more reliable and stylish.

The data cabinets are available in different types. For example, wall cabinets, equipment cabinets, server cabinets, floor-mounted cabinets, and open-frame cabinets.

Wifi Genius is a specialized company for data cabinet installation

Wifi genius is popular across the country for its best services in installing data cabinet, wifi cabinet, and home network cabinet. Data cabinets are very expensive and it needs extra care to install. Without professional and expert installers nobody even thinks of its installation. People trust the wifi Genius team and installers because of the following reasons.

  • Experienced and skilled installers
  • Provide intense care and protection 
  • Prevent the data cabinet from damage and scratches
  • Affordable rates
  • Punctual and devoted installers
  • Self Disciplined

Benefits of data network cabinets

A professionally installed data cabinet, whether wifi cabinet or network, is the best way to house your devices like switches, modems, routers, UPS, cables, etc. It is necessary to have a high-quality data cabinet for the job. Following are some of the advantages of installing data network cabinets.

Manage and organize your devices and servers

It’s important to organize and manage servers for safety and for aesthetics purposes. Organized servers help to prevent accidents both in colocation centers and your own data center that might lead to serious equipment damage. Data cabinets protect your devices and server from damage.

Provide easy maintenance

Storing a data cabinet for your devices is easy to maintain. One can easily remove the equipment and reinstall it after repairing and updating it because a data cabinet manages and organizes the devices. Hence one can easily move the device in and out without any difficulties and confusion.

Safe and secure

A professionally installed cabinet provides full protection for the stored devices. It helps mostly in colocation centers. The cabinet is designed in such a way that there is a door and locks to keep it protected from unauthorized people. Nobody even touches your installed devices and data in the cabinet.

Offer customization

Using a high-quality data cabinet on your premises offers you the best customization as compared to a lower-quality cabinet. One can add cable management with ease, cover empty spaces, add tool less mounting of PDUs, etc.

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A data network cabinet is crucial for any business. It provides full safety, manages and organizes your data, and makes it more customizable. A data cabinet is used to maintain your equipment and devices in control and nobody can touch your data, especially using a colocation center.

Wifi routers are sensitive and need proper safety and protection. You can secure your wifi router by installing a home network  cabinet or simple wifi cabinet. Such cabinets consist of a locking system. Hence you would easily protect your wifi router. It fits best especially when your router is installed in colocation

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