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Data Cable Installation

Networking cables involve networking hardware to establish communication between devices. It may limit the range of the network, but offers a faster and more secure network connection as compared to the WiFi. That is why it is a preferred type of network, especially for offices and telecommunication.

However, data cable installation is a complex process, requiring multiple components to be installed precisely. That is why you must hire experienced installers to ensure an efficient and secure network. Contact WiFi Genius to avail professional services.

Unmatchable Benefits of Data Cable Installation

  • A cost-effective option, offering much faster data transfer speed than WiFi.
  • Highly noise-resistant and secure data transfer mode.
  • Much larger bandwidths as compared to wireless networks.
  • A much more stable and weather-resistant connection during harsh weather.
  • End-to-end connection, preventing intruders from unwanted rides.

What Are Our Options?

WiFi Genius houses a team of highly qualified specialists to expertly install all types of data cables at your home or office. Here are the types of data cables you can get installed:

Twisted Pair Cables (Ethernet)

The oldest standard of data cabling, twisted pair cables are the most common type of data cable found in both domestic and commercial settings. Its twisted design prevents signal degradation and allows the data to travel long distances without any losses. CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 6a are the most commonly used cables that offer speeds up to 10GB per second.

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Coaxial Cable

Popular in the IT sector and most commonly found in old IT networks, coaxial cables use a copper wire as a conductor and surrounding wires to complete the circuit. It can carry up to 1 GB per second of data downstream and 100 MB per second upstream.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic is the latest standard for data cables that offers extremely high speeds and bandwidths and can travel to a much longer distance than its alternatives. Its transfer speed can reach up to 100GB per second.

Our Meticulous Data Cable Installation Service

Step 1: A site visit to understand the requirements.

Step 2: Hardware acquisition according to the needs.

Step 3: Data cable installation as per project design.

Step 4: Connections and outlets to connect devices.

Step 5: Network testing to ensure a secure connection.

Data Cable Installation
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Services We Offer

We are offering a complete set of data cabling services, including:

  • Home and Office Cabling
  • Cabling System Upgrade
  • Fault Finding and Repairs
  • Network Testing
  • New Data Cabling Installation

Why Choose WiFi Genius?

  • Fully licenced and registered company
  • An in-house team of qualified experts
  • Customised installation services
  • Efficient repairs and upgradation
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Yes, data cables offer a more secure and efficient network as compared to wireless networks. They are more difficult to hack and can also work with a simple firewall.

Data cable installation is a relatively more complex process as compared to wireless networks. That is why it is recommended to hire professional installers to ensure the network’s security and integrity.