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Network Patch Panel Installation

Wireless networking is the demand of modern networking, however, a wired network which is an old method of networking is still common in both large and small businesses. Small businesses and even a home, if it has a wired network, would probably need a network patch panel to manage it easily, and provides you with internet solutions.

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What is a patch panel?

Businesses, whether small or big, both use wired networks in such a modern age to get internet solutions. Let’s have light on what a network patch panel is. A network patch panel is an array of many ports that are used to connect the incoming and outgoing Local Area Network cables in an organized way. A network patch panel contains blank ports on one side and termination points on the other end. Local Area Network cables that are spread in the business buildings are terminated, labeled, and then connected to the network. The most common use of these panels is in the radio and television Fields.

Working on network patch panel

The network patch panel is widely used in big industries to connect multiple devices. Since a patch panel consists of many ports to connect incoming and outgoing cables in an organized way. A patch panel is a LAN, it connects computers to other computers and to outside lines. That in turn, allows Local Area Networks ( LANs) to connect to wide area networks ( WANs)or to the Internet. Troubleshooting problems are fixed with these patch panels since there is a single-point source for all cable connections.

Types of network patch panels

 A patch panel consists of many ports i.e. 12 ports, 24 ports, and 48 ports patch panels are more common in use. Whatever the number of ports a patch panel is, it has the following types as 

  • Twisted-pair copper patch panels
  • Coax patch panels
  • Fiber optics patch panels

Wifi Genius and its specialized network patch panel Installers

The use of patch panels is very common in large businesses like industries, call centers, internet cafes, etc. Installation of patch panels without experts is useless because it requires proper training and practice to achieve its proper goals of organizing the cables. Wifi Genius regarding network patch panels installation is popular across the country due to its best quality services, professional and trained installers, qualified and experienced engineers, and affordable rates as compared to others

Frequently Asked Questions

A patch panel works as a junction point for different types of cabling. For example, fiber optics, coax, and copper whereas a network switch is a device that connects clients within a network to get access to data and information

There are many patch panels that consist of many ports like 12 ports, 24 ports, 48 ports, and 96 port patch panels available in the market. It depends on the number of incoming and outgoing b cables you have in your business

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, people are worried about their internet speed. The network patch panel has nothing to do with the internet speed. Don’t worry about it. It’s just a way to organize the incoming and outgoing cables.

Wifi Genius & Network Patch panel installation

Although patch panel installation is quite a tough job, the professional and trained installers of Wifi Genius do the job in a way that industries and business owners feel proud of. These installers perform the job by setting proper planning for it. The installers follow the below step for network patch panel installation.

Details collections

The installers do a meeting with the owner and collect the necessary information about the incoming lines and outgoing cables. They discuss the quality of the patch panels and the number of ports in panels with the owners.

Managing tool bag

Before moving to the installation area, these installers put the necessary tools for the network panel installation. The tools for the installation are

  • Wire crimper
  • Cable tester
  •  Philips screwdriver
  • Straight screwdriver
  • Module punch tool

Preparation for installation

Before installation, the installers know about the rack height, layout, and the number of rack units for the patch panel. They find the location for the panel to place. They find the position in general for the panel to be installed which depends on the cables set up. Using ground, side, or bridge outlets then the installation of the panel in the rack should be according to cable connections.

Installation process

The following steps to install the network patch panel.

  • First of all, installers attach the panel to the rack with the help of screws with intense care to prevent it from scratches and damage.
  • Cut the cables according to the required length and use scrap to secure the cables.
  • Map out which port is connected to which patch panel port.
  • Attach the patch panel to the rack.
  • Run the prepared cables to connect the patch panel port to the switch port respectively.
  • Install horizontal and vertical cable management.
  •  Use  Velcro cable ties to bundle the cables together.
  • Label each cable with the same tag on both sides for identification in the future.

Approval letter

After having a check on all the installations, our installers sign an approval letter from the owners and leave the place.

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