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Ethernet over Fiber to the cabinet

Companies look for fast downloading and uploading of the internet to run their businesses smoothly and fulfill the challenges of the modern generations. Most offices demand high-speed internet to attend meetings and video and audio conferences without any distortion. For high-speed internet, Ethernet over Fiber to the Cabinet or simply EOFTTC plays a major role. It is a low-cost broadband technology that provides high-speed internet access. Eofttc is the combination of two types of cabling i.e. fiber optics and copper. These two materials are responsible for the high internet speed.

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Working process of eofttc

The set up of Ethernet over Fiber to the cabinet or eofttc is quite simple. Its set up consists of fiber optic and copper cables. The fiber optic cables run from the internet service provider to the cabinet which is located in the customer’s premises. To connect the cabinet to the customer’s premises a short length of copper cable is used which is a VDSL connection. This type of VDSL copper cable is responsible for providing high-speed internet. With the help of this one can upload and transfer large files and data. Moreover, it can have a high download speed as well.

Benefits of Ethernet over Fiber to the cabinet

There are many features and advantages of ethernet over fiber to the cabinet or EOFTTC. Here we shed light on some of its main advantages.

A source of high speed

The main advantages of EOFTTC are the fast internet speed. Ethernet over fiber to the cabinet provides faster internet speed to the customers because of the presence of fiber optic cables which can transmit data very quickly. Owners install EOFTTC in the office to get rid of the distortion during video and audio calls and zoom meetings.

More data can be transferred 

Eofttc has a greater bandwidth which is responsible for transferring more and larger data at once due to its high downloading and uploading speed. It has downloading speed of up to 76Mbps and an uploading speed of up to 20 Mbps. Users can perform more tasks at the same time without any speed issues.

Symmetric uploading and downloading

Since ethernet over fiber to the cabinet has high uploading and downloading speeds. Therefore it is helpful for businesses where they have to upload large data files. Such a high speed makes it more reliable and popular among customers.

Easy to upgrade for business demands

EOFTTC is quoted to help growing businesses. When a business grows with time it needs to have quality internet speed. Ethernet over fiber to the cabinet has the quality of easy upgrading. One can easily update it according to business demands and goals.


High-speed internet is the dream of each owner, but some businesses can not afford high-quality internet. EOFTTC in this regard is a low-budgeted broadband technology that provides high-speed internet. Hence an average business can easily afford it.

Reduce the latency

Ethernet over fiber to the cabinet reduces the latency. In traditional broadband, there is more time for data sending and data receiving. However, EOFTTC is the quality of reducing the latency. Thus one can receive and send the data within no time or a fraction of a second.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ethernet over fiber to the cabinet is modern technology and people have enough confusion to understand it. Following are some of the FAQs asked by people that might resolve your issues and confusion regarding EOFTTC.

EOFTTC can be more expensive than traditional connections, if you count it based on quality such as ADSL or VDSL, depending on several factors such as the distance between the premises and the nearest cabinet, the level of service required, and the availability of infrastructure in the area. however, looking for a high-speed internet package for your businesses that is low cost as compared to traditional connections.

EOFTTC can potentially resolve internet speed issues, especially if you currently have a slow or unreliable connection. such connections are responsible for high-speed internet. Moreover, it has high uploading and downloading speeds. Thus one can transfer more data within no time. By using ethernet over fiber to the cabinet connection you can access to high speed and resolve your issues.

Wifi Genius: A Right Choice for EOFTTC

There are many network and internet Providers across the UK. Since EOFTTC is a new technology thus there are very few Ethernet over FTTC Providers. Wifi Genius is one of the leading internet services providers that offer the new technology of ethernet over fiber to the cabinet services and claim to be the best Ethernet over FTTC Provider across the UK. Some of the quality features of Wifi Genius regarding EOFTTC services

  • Flexible packages and contract length
  • 24/7 technical support for your business
  • Provision of static IP addresses
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Fault resolution guarantee
  • Guarantee of response time.
  • Friendly online instructors
  • Secure internet 
  • Full Bandwidth guarantee 
  • Use of quality EOFTTC
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In short, Wifi Genius provides all quality services and is one of the top-ranking ethernets over FTTC providers as compared to other providers.

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