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Local Area Network ( LAN)

The existence of local area network connections is mostly seen in office buildings, schools, colleges, and small businesses. Local area connection is used to connect computers, printers, scanners, and other devices in the different departments to share data files, information, and internet access and to facilitate communication between users. To install a new LAN or to upgrade the existing network, Wifi Genius is the best choice to fulfill your dreams.

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What is a LAN ( Local Area Network)?

LAN is the abbreviation of Local Area Network. It is a network in which many devices such as computers, printers, scanners, etc. are connected locally in small areas to share data, information, and internet access between users. The use of LAN is common in areas like schools, offices, medium size businesses, and even in homes if there are more devices. Local area networks can be wired networks and wireless networks. Both wired and wireless LANs can provide reliable and fast communication between devices within the network

Wired Local Area Network

A wired LAN is a type of network in which the devices are connected to the network using cables. In this network, the connection is physical such as ethernet cable, and fiber optic is used for connecting devices. Aired local area network connection boosts your speed if the cables used for connection are of high quality. Such connections are beneficial for businesses like cinemas and internet cafes.

Wireless local area network

A wireless LAN is a type of network in which the devices are connected to the network using wifi. In this network, the connection is made by using radio waves such as wifi technology. If the wifi you are using is strong enough then a wireless local area connection is the best choice for your business and home to connect all devices at the same time and provide high-quality internet speed. A strong wifi connection is an effective and secure way to transfer data and information without any distortion

Local Area Network Installation

Setting up a LAN is quite a tough job. It needs a professional network and wifi providers to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Wifi Genius, a professional network services provider in the UK, serves the people with its experienced network installers. If you are installing LANs in your homes, schools, offices, medium size businesses wifi Genius provides the following services regarding LANs.

  • Wifi and network Installation services
  • Network repair services
  • Network maintenance 
  • Cable installation
  • Network cabinet installation 

How does Wifi Genius install a local area network?

The qualified and experienced installers follow the below steps to install a Local Area Network.

Setting a work plan

Before starting the installation, the wifi Genius experts do a meeting with the owners and discuss. They get a clear idea of what you want to achieve with a network, how many devices to connect, and the type of network equipment required.

Network equipment

The basic components you’ll need for a LAN include a network router, switches, and network cables. Choose equipment that suits your business needs, keeping in mind the number of devices you want to connect and the distance between them.

Making connections

Start by connecting the network router to a modem or WAN port, using an Ethernet cable. Then, connect the devices to the network to the LAN ports on the router or switch, using Ethernet cables.

Network configuration

Once all the connections are in place, our installers configure the network. This involves setting up network protocols, IP addresses, and security settings. After configuring the network, our installers test it by trying to access the internet from each of the connected devices. If everything is working correctly, they sign a satisfactory letter from the owner and leave the place.

Benefits of Local Area Network

Local area networks are common everywhere in businesses, educational institutes, and homes. Following are some of the main advantages of LAN.

Resource sharing

All of the devices in your building would be connected to the same network source. For Example, scanners, printers, modems, routers, DVD drives, etc. will be connected to source computers and there is no need to buy a separate system for each one. Thus LANs make your budget economical and cost-effective.

Internet sharing

In a local area network connection, the main internet connection is distributed among the connected devices. The main internet cable is connected to the server and is further distributed among all other computers and devices.

Secure network

The server is the most secure for data. If any changes are made to the data on the server or source computer, other connected devices can easily access that modified data. In a LAN network, one can put secure data by allowing specific users only.

Easy and quick communication

A local area network is an easy way of communication. Messages and data transfer can be done within no time. It is a faster way to access the data stored in the source computer. Here in LANs, the latency is very low.

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a network in which many devices such as computers, printers, scanners, etc. are connected locally in small areas to share data, information, and internet access between users. It can be wired or wireless LANs. Both are used in medium size businesses, schools, offices, and big homes.

Installing a local area connection or LAN for offices, schools and homes is quite a tough and risky job. It needs a lot of care to install cables, routers, and switches. Moreover to connect printers, scanners, and other devices you need to take help from a professional installer. In short, it is difficult to install on your own. Better to consult with Wifi Genius installers for assistance. 

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