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 By installing a guest wifi for your customers and guests to access, you’re able to protect your primary business network from any security threats. It is also another way to help promote your business, and gain my customers.

While there are many guest wifi solution providers across the UK, Wifi Genius has proven to give the best service. We are able to offer you a solution that navigates your guests to a separate login where they can either create an account, use a social media connection, or use their phone number to access the wifi. By collecting this data, you’re then able to use it to your benefit, for example, using the emails collected to send out promo emails or newsletters about your company.

Why Guest Wifi Solutions?

Having a guest wifi solution is a key aspect for any size business. It not only benefits the employer, but also the employees, and customers due to these reasons:

Provides privacy and security

A guest wifi provides you with a separate wifi from your main business network. This then means you have full privacy and aren’t at risk of losing any important information due to security threats such as malware.

Quick access to a wifi network

Guest wifi solution networking provides quick access to the network. Unlike other wifi networking, you would not need to enter a user's name and password. You only need to click twice and enjoy the internet by using smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Set up a downloading limit

With a guest wifi solution, you can set up a limit on downloads for each employee. This then allows you to easily watch and control internet charges.

Boost your social appearance

One of the best features of guest wifi solutions, is the social login portals which will boost your social appearance. Platforms include; LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Get access to a landing page

For employees, there are short video ads that will appear, but can easily be skipped before reaching the landing page. The landing page can consist of; a sign up/registration form, a welcome note, a special offer, of the key points of your service and business. This is an easy way to grab customers attention.

Free or paid Guest WiFi access

You can easily create a free or paid guest wifi setup which can simply be controlled by the owner. You will also be able to set a limit on the amount of time a guest user can access the wifi.

A sign of branding

Many people use wifi more than they realise, especially through the use of mobiles and laptops. Having a gust wifi where multiple people are connected at the same time, creates a community and branding for your company. Guests will remember the network name when needed to access wifi in a particular areas, especially because our guest wifi solution offers high speed and strength connection at all times.

Make your budget economical

Many people nowadays use adverts through social media and google, however the cost of these can add up. By having a guest wifi, it automatically connects the user to you and your company, saving you any extra costs.

Offer a nice look

Offering a guest ifi network to customers, only boosts your businesses reputation. Customers become familiar with your brand and what it offers, especially as you’re able to then easily advertise towards them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the frequently asked questions that will help you to resolve all your problems regarding guest wifi solutions.

Security is the main task of guest wifi. It can secure your business network from the public or guest network. You can easily secure your business files, data, and information by giving access only to the guest network.

There will be many devices connected to the same guest wifi, however they will not be able to see each other’s activities, only the owner will be able to.

It’s up to the owner of the guest wifi as to whether they want ot have a password for guests. Most commonly, there will be a social login, or a form to create and account.

A wifi extender will never slow down the wifi speed, it will only help to increase the coverage from the main wifi.

Setup of guest wifi Network

Setting up a guest wifi network is quite a difficult task for many users. However, Wifi Genius suggests an easy way to get it within minutes.

  • First, log into your wifi router as admin.
  • Look for the wireless setting option.
  • Click on the box before the enable wireless option.
  • On the same page, go down and look for SSID

  • Select a name for your network and save it.
  • Go back to a wireless setting and also choose a password for it.
  • Finally save the setting.

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Alisha Mark

Before wifi genius installation services, I was in a big tension of not getting smooth internet in my room. Also, there were issues with no signal in some locations of my home. I am surprised now by having Wifi Genius service in my home. Amazing!

Alisha Mark



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