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best way to extend wifi signal to garden uk

Best way to Extend WIFI Signal to Garden UK

The age we are living in is the age of technology and the internet. Most of the time we are connected to others by calling, video conferences, zoom meetings, and social media. Due to this, there is a need for high-speed internet everywhere on our premises whether that’s at home or in the office. Nowadays, many people also require Wifi signal and internet facilities in the garden for entertainment, but more so due to more people working at home, and wanting to be able to work form their gardens.

Garden WIFI is the extension of your main home or office Wifi, to an outdoor garden’s premises. The overall aim of extending WIFI signal to the garden’s premises is to provide a reliable and stable WIFI network, to allow users to work and play in an open atmosphere.

Ways to extend the wifi signal into your garden

In the UK, we experience a lot of cold, rainy weather. However, when the sun does shine, we try to make the most of it by being outside. As there’s an increase in the amount of people working from home, more people require a strong enough wifi connection to be able to sit in their garden, or on their balcony to work. Wifi Genius offers the best strategies to be able to extend your home or office wifi signal, into the garden. Below are some of the best ways to extend you wifi signals outside.

Moving the router to the best location

Moving the wifi router to get a wifi signal in the garden is one solution, however, it may only work in very small garden premises. You can check the wifi signal in the garden premises by using the Wi-Fi analyser app on your smartphone. This app allows you to measure the signal strength, and identify
any dead spots, however, you always have to make sure the router is placed out of sun to avoid overheating.

Use of wifi extender for extending wifi signal to garden

In order to get full wifi signal in the garden, you need to boost your overall wifi signal. To achieve this, a high-quality, Wi-Fi extender is required between the router and garden premises. The higher the quality router and extender, the more reliable your wifi signal in the garden will be.

Using a high-quality network

Extending your wifi signal to the garden can be a difficult task. It needs high-quality equipment especially when you have a large garden, as you may need to use a mesh network, or a dedicated outdoor access point to ensure good coverage. A mesh network provides seamless wifi throughout your home or office and garden, and covers all of your garden’s premises with a full strength wifi connection.

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Installing an outdoor access point 

A garden, especially a large garden where you may want to work, requires a reliable and stable, wifi connection. In order to achieve this, you will need to install an outdoor access point.

Extending your wifi through an ethernet cable

Using an ethernet cable, is one of the oldest methods of extending your wifi. However, it can be suitable for those who are sitting outside but aren’t too far from their home or office. To find how much this would cost, contact our Wifi Genius team, as we’ll be more than happy to help.


Overall we can see that ways to extend the wifi signal to the garden depends on many factors such as; the garden size and layout, distance from the router, quality of the router, and internet equipment. If replacing the router’s position doesn’t work, the next best thing is to use a wifi extender in order to achieve full strength wifi.
At Wifi Genius we will be able to find you the most effective way to extend your home or office wifi to your garden’s premises. We can offer you an extension that will provide you with a reliable, and stable internet connection outside.

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