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How to Run Ethernet Cable Through Walls UK

How to run ethernet cable through walls in the UK?

The use of wired networks is everywhere in the world. From home to large businesses there are networking systems to access the internet and for data transferring. To connect devices with the network equipment like modems, routers, and switches different cables are used. One of the most usable cables for high-speed connectivity is the ethernet cable. Running ethernet cables in the walls is quite tricky and tough in the UK. However Wifi Genius in this regard performs the best solution for ethernet cable installation and it’s running through the wall.

Running ethernet cables through walls in the UK with wifi Genius

Wifi Genius is popular among wifi and network providers for ethernet cables and it’s running through the walls. The professionals of Wifi Genius perform the job in the following steps. 

Planning and assessment 

Our professional WIFI installers discuss the location, distance, and obstacles and determine the best path to run the cables through the wall. They make sure that the path chosen for running ethernet cables through the walls is free from the puppies and other cables in the wall. They discuss the categories of ethernet cables and their prices with the owners and choose the best one for the network to achieve the goals. For example, high-speed connectivity and reliability.

Preparing tool bag 

To run the ethernet cables in the wall, our installers prepare a tool bag for it. The tool bag consists of a drill, a long flexible drill bit, fish tape, a cable stripper, a crimping tool, and a wall plate.

Running process

  • To run the ethernet cables through the walls, our installers, first of all, make a hole in the wall by using a drill and a long flexible drill bit. They make sure that the size of the hole is a bit larger than the ethernet cable size so that it can pass easily through it. 
  • After making a hole, our installers pass the ethernet cable through the hole by pulling it with the help of fish tape. Pulling is quite sensitive but installers do intense care to prevent the cable from twisting, bending, and stretching.
  • Our installers then attach the wall plates to each end of the cable run, making sure they are securely fastened to the wall.
  • Use the cable stripper to remove the outer insulation from the ends of the cable, and then crimp the connectors onto the exposed wires.
  • After doing all the necessary steps our installers test the connection a couple of times and make sure that it’s working properly.

Instruction and precautions

Running ethernet cables through the wall can be a useful way to keep cables organized and out of sight. However, it is important to take proper precautions to avoid damaging the wall or the cables and to ensure that the installation is safe and secure. Following are some instructions and precautions to be followed when running ethernet cables through the wall.

  • Don’t make many holes in the wall because it can weaken the wall. 
  • Follow all local building codes and regulations, including those related to electrical installations.
  • Use of proper tools for each step is very important.
  • Perform each step with extra care to prevent the cable and wall from damage.
  • Use appropriate safety gear, such as eye and ear protection, when using power tools.


In short, above all discussion regarding ethernet cable running shows that cable running through the wall is a great way to improve the organization of your home or office, but it should be done carefully and with proper precautions to ensure a safe and effective installation.

Wifi Genius with its professional installers do the job in a controlled and organized way to prevent the wall and cables from damage. Contact Wifi Genius for running cable through the wall in the UK

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