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How Long Does WIFI Take to Set Up

The use of WIFI networks is everywhere. People look for quality Wi-Fi equipment and try to install it in their homes, shops, institutions, gardens, conference halls, campsites, etc. The installation of a WIFI network needs professional installers as it is a tough and complicated job, especially in big complexes. The time taken to set up Wi-Fi varies depending on many factors. Some of the factors are given below.

The complexity of the network

The complexity of a WiFi network can vary widely, depending on the size and needs of the organization or business.  For example, A basic home network with a single wireless router and a few devices are relatively simple to set up and maintain. It takes almost 20 to 30 minutes for its complete setup. Whereas a large enterprise network with multiple routers, switches, and access points can be very complex. It can take hours or sometimes days for its complete installation and configuration.

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Number of devices to be connected 

The time taken to set up a wifi network depends on the number of devices to be connected to the network. For example, for simple home wifi, there might be five to six devices. Thus it takes around minutes per device while for large businesses like call centers the number of devices will be more so it takes hours to install the wifi network and its configuration everywhere on the business premises.

Experience of the installers

The experience and skills of the installers can also affect the time it takes to set up a WiFi network. Experienced installers who have experience in setting wifi networks before and also know the issues occurring during installation will set up a wifi network quickly as compared to an inexperienced installer.

Experienced installers are typically more familiar with the configuration of routers, switches, access points, and other networking equipment, which can allow them to set up the network more quickly and troubleshoot any issues that may arise more effectively. They may also be more familiar with common problems that can occur during network cable installation and be able to avoid or quickly resolve them.

Type of devices

‘The type of devices to be installed to a Wi-Fi network also affect the setup time of the Wi-Fi network. There are different types of devices where there are different security settings and protocols. A simple device would take a few minutes while a modern and complex device would need more time to be connected.

Access points connection

For a large business network where there are more access points, switches and routers to be connected internally will also affect the wifi setup timing as compared to a network consisting of a simple router and one access point. 

Security of network

Sometimes the wifi installation takes more time especially when you have to install it for government secret agencies or finance departments. In such places where we need more security this putting high security would increase wifi setup time.


Overall, the time it takes to set up WiFi can vary depending on the security level, the complexity of the network, the number of devices, and the experience of the installers. Wifi Genius, a professional wifi services provider in the UK has skilled, trained, and experienced installers. Such installers set an average wifi installation in a time duration of around thirty minutes.


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