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Wireless Network Installation

Wireless network installation significantly benefit any enterprise, improving its productivity and effectiveness. Business operations now massively rely on internet connectivity, which is why fast internet services have become necessary both indoors and outdoors.

At WiFi Genius, we provide certified installation services. We can help if you need a completely new network designed with custom WiFi or require repair services for your current wireless internet. Get a quote now!

What’s the Procedure for Our Complete WiFi Installation?

Setting up WiFi installation is simpler in homes than in offices. We offer comprehensive WiFi installation services for both commercial and residential settings, with our experts ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The WiFi setup process involves the following steps:

Acquiring a Router

Our WiFi setup begins with obtaining the best router for your space, a fundamental component that serves as the heart of your wireless network.

Where to Position Your WiFi Router

We strategically choose the location for your WiFi router to maximise coverage and signal strength. A central, unobstructed spot is ideal for optimal performance.

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Connecting Devices to Your WiFi Network

It’s just a matter of going to the settings on the phone and then selecting the option to configure the wireless network.

Making Your WiFi Network Secure

We highly prioritise the security of your WiFi network, enabling encryption (WPA2/WPA3) and setting a robust password. This step is crucial to safeguarding your network from unauthorised access.

Boosting Your Wireless Connection

We enhance the strength and reach of your wireless connection by fine-tuning the router’s position for optimal signal coverage, utilising range extenders to ensure a reliable, high-performance connection.

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Wireless Network Installations
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Our Comprehensive Internet Installation Services

We have a specialist team providing a range of WiFi packages. Our internet installation services encompass a wide range, including both indoor and outdoor WiFi installations.

  • Outdoor Network Services: Elevate your outdoor experience with our top-notch garden WiFi installations across the UK.
  • Warehouse WiFi Network: Transform your warehouse connectivity with our high-bandwidth WiFi network.
  • Business WiFi solution: Experience a tailored business WiFi solution prioritising crucial factors such as coverage, bandwidth, and security.
  • Fibre Optic Cable Network: Embrace the future with our advanced fibre optic cable installations, delivering superfast network services to meet modern connectivity demands.
  • Guest WiFi Solutions: Ensure secure open WiFi connectivity for your customers and guests with our guest WiFi solutions. Protect your primary business internet from potential security threats.

Why Choose Us?

For several reasons, our company is well known for offering the best wireless internet installation and network management services in the UK. The following is a list of qualities and features distinguishing our company installation services.

  • Our wireless internet setup provides superfast downloading speed.
  • Our primary concern is your privacy and security.
  • We’re providing 100% guaranteed networking for you.
  • You will increase your social media visibility by using our business solutions for wireless networks.
  • We offer free or paid guest WiFi internet services.
  • We’re providing you with the internet according to your budget and needs.
  • Our licenced WiFi installers understand all types of wireless internet installation. We’ll help you with expert service and troubleshooting after installing your custom wireless network.
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Boost your wifi signal and internet speed in order to prevent disconnections and freezes during those important zoom meetings and calls

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The WiFi uses radio signals to transmit data from the router to any device that it’s attached to. Your router will receive data from the internet connection and convert it to radio signals using a Wireless Transmission Unit.

WiFi networks provide you with versatile networking solutions, and you can stay connected while moving throughout your work site. It would be best if you had a fast and stable WiFi connection. The wireless network allows expandability to grow your network efficiently, adding new users and locations without cables and wires.

The average cost of installing a wireless network in the UK is between £150 and £200, typically depending on the premises and the complexity of the system installed.