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Wifi is becoming an essential part of life across the world. Almost all over the world especially, in big complexes, and residential societies owners provide wifi services to the tenants. It has a great impact on the people for its many benefits. 

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How does wifi Genius install wifi for rental properties?

Wifi Genius is a professional company of wifi services in the UK, that installs the wifi in a rental property with intense care. The installation of wifi in rental property is quite tough and risky because of many tenants and long-range coverage. However, the Wifi Genius experts, installers, and qualified engineers install without any issues or problems and all the tenants get full internet and wifi signals at their apartments.

The wifi Installation process in rental property

The qualified and experienced installers of Wifi Genius follow the below steps to install the wifi in rental property;

Meeting with the property owner

The wifi installers have a meeting with the owners and try to find the number of apartments and users to use the internet in their rental property. The installers get necessary information about the property like size, capacity, and other requirements. 

Buildings survey

After knowing all the requirements of the buildings and tenants these experts do a short survey of the buildings and look for the central position of the router. Sometimes they choose more positions for many routers in case of big complexes to cover the whole premises.

Developing a plan for installation

After having a meeting with the owner, and the building’s survey the experts develop a plan for wifi installation to meet the needs of the rental property and do the necessary preparation for it.

Wifi Installation 

After all the instructions and precautions the expert installers of wifi Genius install the wifi routers in the rental property and they check all parts of the building for wifi signals and strength. They provide the user’s name and passwords to the owners and leave the place after the owner’s surety.

Benefits of installing wifi for rental property

The facility of rental wifi for tenants has not only resolved the tenant’s problems but also it has reduced the owner’s tensions in many aspects. Following are some of the benefits of wifi for rental properties.

Make cheaper costs

The broadband services for the rental property offer low costs because of many tenants in the rental property. Since there are more users present thus it will reduce the overall monthly payments and also the wifi providers make special discounts and offers for them.

No damage to the building and surroundings

Installation of wifi for rental property is a safe way to keep the buildings and surroundings clean and clear. If the owners install rental wifi for residential complexes, tenants would not install their wifi in the buildings. They would not make holes in the building's walls and would not dig out the surrounding land for poles etc. Common wifi would cast no damage to your buildings.

Attract the tenants

Today’s age is a busy one. Nobody has free time for other activities. If the owners provide broadband wifi facilities in the rental property it would leave a good impression on them and would attract your rental buildings.

Provide a speedy network

Everyone wants to have happiness in their life. Tenants coming from other areas and countries or states don’t know about the internet in your rental areas and they are much worried about getting a reliable network. If the owners provide wifi for rental property that has high-speed internet the tenants will be happy and love your residential property.

Safe and secure network

Installations of wifi for rental property if it consists of one, two, or more routers. The owners will get access to these routers' usernames and passwords and will keep them private. However, one can get guest network access in case of any privacy issues. The owners can create guest networks for the tenants as well which is more secure for tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs will help to resolve your problems regardings wifi for rental property and its importance for tenants and owners.

Wifi for rental properties has a great impact on the tenants as well as on the owners. It is economical for tents as it is shared among them and also an attractive tool for capturing their tenants to your building.

Wifi installation in the rental property needs expert installers. Your tenets might be unhappy because of poor wifi signals. Try to resolve the issues by changing the location of the routers or installing a new router that covers their apartments. For further help contact wifi Genius

It is very difficult to collect the wifi charges every month especially if you have more tenants. It is better to mention it in the rental contract whether for one year or six months and collect the charges during rental payment.

Since there are different internet offers and networks available, it depends on internet speed and strength. Therefore the charges depend on the type of network. However, wifi in rental property is economical for tents as it is shared among tenants. If there are more users it will reduce charges for tenants.

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Alisha Mark

Before wifi genius installation services, I was in a big tension of not getting smooth internet in my room. Also, there were issues with no signal in some locations of my home. I am surprised now by having Wifi Genius service in my home. Amazing!

Alisha Mark



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