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Warehouse WiFi Installation

Need of 24/7 WiFi Connection in Warehouse?

Warehouses are substantially larger and contain more equipment, requiring a fast connection at all times than standard, typically smaller, office environments. Most companies are just regular WiFi installers, not specialists in warehouse WiFi setup, unaware of the daily issues in the wireless network connection in the warehouse where WiFi has several uses.

For many reasons, managers have come to WiFi Genius over the past several years for superfast network bandwidth. Our company can provide a 24/7 full WiFi coverage guarantee and excellent WiFi installation solutions.

You won’t have to wait for a connection or leave anyone out of your WiFi network; connect as many devices as you need. Engage experts at WiFi Genius and experience services as good as promised.

Warehouse WiFi Solutions in the UK

WiFi is used worldwide for project research, study purposes, business marketing, communications and entertainment. A cable connection cannot satisfy your high demand at a warehouse, while the demand for wireless internet connection is at its peak.

Therefore, the presence of WiFi is a crucial part of every business. Internet installation in offices, homes and shops is too easy to install because of its small area and size. However, installing WiFi internet in a warehouse is tricky as it is a prominent place usually made of heavy metals and concrete that impact a typical WiFi router’s speed.

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Our Procedure for Complete WiFi Installation at the Warehouse

Only our licenced technicians can ensure the WiFi installation in the warehouse with fast and high internet speed. We undertake the procedure below to install the WiFi in your warehouse:

Survey of warehouse and consultation with owners

The WiFi Genius team schedules a meeting with the warehouse managers to review all the requirements and issues that must be addressed on the warehouse property. After the meeting, our specialists inspect the warehouse and note the equipment needed for the WiFi installation. Some important things are mentioned below:

WIFI installation
Area's we cover
Network Repair Services
Years of experience

Make a Plan for WiFi Installation

After collecting all the information needed, the technicians set a plan for the indoor and outdoor WiFi connection in the warehouse to provide a complete internet connection. They keep the following in mind:

  • Problems while installing routers.
  • WiFi signal problems.
  • Quantity of routers needed to cover the complete warehouse.
  • Type of routers that give the superfast internet service.
  • Best cables used for reducing lag.
  • Best router locations.

Installers Services

After completing WiFi installation in the warehouse, our experts ensure the following things:

  • Fast speed of the internet.
  • Signals of WiFi reach every corner of the warehouse.
  • No blockage of any signal.
  • Routers and cables are fitted at safe places.
A Safe Place To Boost Your Internet Speed

Boost your wifi signal and internet speed in order to prevent disconnections and freezes during those important zoom meetings and calls

WiFi Genius | What Sets Us Apart?

Providing services across the UK, WiFi Genius houses experienced and certified experts helping you resolve all your WiFi-related issues regarding installations, poor and low signals, WiFi disconnection and lagging, and router issues. We are punctual and provide both indoor and outdoor WiFi services, ensuring the safety policy.

  • Insufficient WiFi connection might hinder production and communication, costing the company money. We have fast internet services that are sufficient for your needs.
  • Our experts are here to offer you the best business WiFi solutions, ensuring complete privacy and high-speed signal distribution.
  • You can maintain connectivity during critical moments with our WiFi solutions.
  • Whether it’s a crucial presentation or spending time with a loved one, our professionals help you stay in touch.

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Usually, your WiFi signals drop because of the hurdles of the wall between routers or the unsuitability of your router. In that case, change the position of your WiFi router, buy a branded router or use a WiFi extender. Contact us today for more help.


Typically, some WiFi networks slow down or drop their signals at night because of increased internet users than in the daytime—just like rush hours of internet traffic when everyone uses the internet simultaneously. Connect with WiFi Genius for that matter for superfast internet services.

Try to re-connect the cable of your router or shut down your router for at least 5 minutes; if it is still not working, call WiFi Genius to resolve your WiFi issues.

The maximum data transmitted through an internet connection at a specific time is internet bandwidth.

If you want to increase your warehouse WiFi range, use some WiFi extenders and repeaters that provide broad WiFi coverage in your warehouse.