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In this hyper-connected world, the Internet has become a necessity rather than a luxury in hotels. In a survey report, 90% of people considered hotel wifi very important, and 75% said poor internet connection caused frustration during their stay!

At WiFi Genius we understand what a strong WiFi means to your hotels. We are a team of experienced experts who provide hotel WiFi solutions. Our company is customer-centric, understands all your needs, and gives you customisable solutions.

We are certified, fast, and ready to address all your WiFi issues. Our services are available 24/7 so that none of your guests will feel disrupted at any point. Our licenced technicians provide various services for your WiFi setup, including installation of fibre optic, network cables, business, guest, and garden WiFi, and their maintenance. For any query, give us a call. Our experts are always ready to help you!

Consider WiFi Genius for Complete Hotel WiFi Installation!

  • We ensure that the network is secure with our smart security measures for the users.
  • Our experts choose all the APs wisely to ensure that each corner of the hotel receives the same quality and speed of internet.
  • We keep track of the bandwidth and inform you immediately if we detect any spike in the bandwidth to ensure all the guests receive a fair speed.
  • We ensure that all the personal data and information of the consumers is safe at all costs.
  • Our systems allow you to check the internet consumption of each user so that you can set limits or charge accordingly.
  • We ensure to regulate the speed of the internet even at peak hours so none of the guests has to call the room service!

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Know Our Unique Working Patterns

Once you hire us, we will update you with all our work, identify loopholes, and offer quick troubleshooting. Here is a brief overview of what happens after you hire us:

Initial Site Inspection

Our specialists come for the initial site inspection and map out all the best WAPs, check the thickness and type of concrete used in the walls of your hotel, all essential coverage points, and other vital parameters.

Customised Installation Design

After an initial survey, we get to know your requirements and expectations to make a customised installation design. It includes deciding all the routers, switches, gateways and access points placements. It ensures seamless installation while maintaining the aesthetics of your hotel, security, service access and authentication.

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All Types of Internet Installations

We have all types of internet installations. We add in-built antennas and indoor access points to ensure the internet speed is maintained throughout the hotel, whether inside or outside.

We also provide point-to-point WiFi that ensures connection availability with a wireless network at the endpoints. Our installers achieve this by adding high-end routers, powerful and highly directional antennas, and cables to set up the entire WiFi.

Post Installation Analysis

Once the system is installed, we check the connections from all the access points, check the speed and ensure each corner meets the quality internet connection. We identify any hurdle or network disruption and fix it immediately.

Network Support and Monitoring

Our proactive approach saves you from the daunting task of 24/7 network monitoring. We have all the access to the gateways, bandwidth, routers and other related systems. As soon as we detect any spike or problem in the speed or system, our experts fix it immediately. We ensure the internet speed doesn’t fluctuate even in peak hours.

A Safe Place To Boost Your Internet Speed

Boost your wifi signal and internet speed in order to prevent disconnections and freezes during those important zoom meetings and calls

24/7 Maintenance Services

We don’t leave you alone! After the installation, if anything occurs in the system, our specialist will reach the hotel and fix it in the shortest period!


Bandwidth levels affect the speed and connectivity performance. It’s often confused with speed. However, bandwidth means the amount of data your connection can handle at a given moment. It is measured in Mbps or sometimes Gbps.

Different factors can affect the internet speed in fixed or mobile networks. However, some common factors include the location of your router, the number of people sharing the connection, transfer technology, and distance from the network centraliser, among others.

Consider the following things to find the best placement for your router and enjoy the regulated and fast internet speed:

  • Place the router at a centralised position from your working area.
  • Raise the router above the floor level.
  • Avoid placing the router in corners or near electronic appliances.
  • Never place your router in the kitchen or near windows.

Our installers visit your hotel, know all the requirements, see all the rooms, map out all the components indoors and outdoors, select the right places and devise a plan to establish a wireless internet connection with minimum wires and maximum speed.

It depends on the internet speed, number of connections and APs, the wall thickness of your hotel, and extra wireless equipment.