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Business Wi-Fi Installation

With today’s technological advancements, a strong internet connection is a necessity for all businesses.

It is crucial for business to hire licenced and certified installers for Wi-Fi installation as they are experienced in developing the most appropriate initial design based on your requirements. They install wireless internet with sufficient capacity to provide complete coverage across your entire premises with proper placement.

WiFi Genius is a specialist company, providing services for commercial Wi-Fi installation. We record your requirements and preferences, with our specialists available to provide expert advice and guidance for Wi-Fi setup to ensure smooth network functioning. Catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors, we help executives and leaders make their business dealings foolproof by eliminating all the technical risks.

Our Process of Wi-Fi Installation

For complete Business Wi-Fi installation, our experts follow these steps:

  • Conduct a site survey to assess the building’s structure and type.
  • Record your requirements, preferences, and goals.
  • Assess the availability of different components inside the property, such as access points, firewalls, switches, etc.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis to decide how to establish a wireless network with a minimum amount of cabling and building alterations.

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  • Create a detailed plan to install an effective internet connection in your building.
  • Recommend the most suitable type of internet connection with suitable bandwidth.
  • Decide a date and time for a Wi-Fi setup on your property.
  • Pre-configure all the equipment and install them on your premises.
  • Install the wireless access points and configure the entire network.
  • Connect the access points to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Integrate all the components to ensure compliance with all business requirements.
  • Run the entire system by performing various set-up tests, ensuring the fulfilment of all requirements and smooth working.
  • Connect all the smart devices and internet-enabled technology to your new Wi-Fi connection.
  • Test the wireless signal strength, internet speed, and overall network performance.
  • Recommend the best security system for your new connection.
  • Enable the network to accommodate more devices, allowing more users to get an internet connection.
  • Troubleshoot the issues to keep the network upgraded by installing new updates.
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We Install All Types of Wi-Fi

Based on your preferences and business requirements, we install different types of Wi-Fi, which include:

Indoor or Outdoor Wi-Fi: Ensuring to provide a reliable connection, we install indoor access points and built-in antennas for a secure indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi network. In this way, we help you access internet connection inside and outside of your commercial building.

Point-to-Point Wi-Fi: Providing wireless connectivity for your commercial buildings, we ensure the availability of connection between end points with a wireless network. Our specialists install powerful, highly-directional aerials, routers, and cables for setting up the entire connection.

A Safe Place To Boost Your Internet Speed

Boost your wifi signal and internet speed in order to prevent disconnections and freezes during those important zoom meetings and calls

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Competitors

We equip your business with an efficient and reliable internet connection, allowing you to stay agile and productive in all dealings. Our company assists you in future-proofing your business operations, providing value for the invested money.

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During wireless network installation, the requirements related to the needed type of system are recorded based on your preferences. Moreover, the video capabilities and the potential number of extra client devices which would be present in a meeting are also recorded. Based on these requirements, a suitable internet connection is installed to provide efficient coverage.

You can opt for Wi-Fi installation no matter the sector and type of your business, including construction, hospitality, warehouse, leisure facilities, hotels, or any other business.

With wireless internet installation, you can ensure efficient access to the internet through your property. This type of network offers greater flexibility, cost-efficiency, and scalability with maximum reach compared to cabling.

A Wi-Fi network extension allows businesses to get the most out of their internet connection. It involves the installation of suitable extenders to eliminate signal dead spots and overcome the limitations of several devices that can be connected to a particular network. It also solves the issues of internet bandwidth and speed with extended wall-to-wall coverage.